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American Documentary And Animation Film Festival

Sep 25, 2020 to Sep 29, 2020
Camelot Theatres, Palm Springs, CA
Event Summary

Dear AmDocs Film Ticket Holder-

As you are aware, we have been vigilantly communicating with City and County Health officials who, despite the anxiety in the world, had assured us as of yesterday afternoon that while the situation was fluid, we were still good to go with the necessary precautions to proceed with the event.  After the President's speech and with the ambiguity of not knowing about additional restrictions being imposed with each new day of which might be put on our visiting filmmakers and ticketed guests, we decided to work hard at finding a solution.  Rather than cancelling the festival that so many people love, we are rescheduling it to a time, we hope, will better reflect a new and improved social situation. 

Our new dates are September 25-29, 2020

Except for very few instances, the tickets and passes you have will be applicable to the shows you purchased.  For example, if you purchased a pass for Program 1, March 27, 11:00 a.m., it will be the same for Program 1, September 25, 11:00 a.m. and so on.  We will work to update the ticketing site as well as the website to reflect the new dates within the programmed films and daily schedule.

If are not able to attend, please consider either giving your tickets to a friend or family member or donating your purchase to our non-profit mission.  Additionally, let us know and we shall give you a two for one ticket in exchange for your kindness for any of the other shows.  Otherwise, you can request a refund as we want you to be happy and appreciate your continued patronage. Refund requests can be submitter HERE.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

See you at AmDocs 2020, September 25-29!

Teddy Grouya

Director, American Documentary And Animation Film Festival

Event Schedule / Activities
List Calendar
Sat, Sep 26, 2020
11:00 AM
Program 59
Talkey - Amazon On Fire, BRAZIL, 18min. / Oh, No! Hitler Again, MEXICO, 21min. / The Troubles With Brexit, USA, 41min.
12:00 PM
Program 8
Hungry, CHINA, 3min. / Soup, USA, 6min. / Home Restaurant, USA, 15min. / Alchemy, USA, 10min. / Slowly, ITALY, 15min. / How We Eat, USA, 17min. / Brewed In Palestine, USA, 17min.
01:30 PM
Program 22
FREE: Special Event: Bob's Burgers with Animator and Co-Creator - Simon Chong
01:30 PM
Program 60
City Of Widows, USA, 11min. / Khatemeh, IRAN, 90min.
02:00 PM
Program 10
To Keep As One, USA, 12min. / One Word Sawalmem, USA, 17min. / Invasion: The Unist'ot'en's Fight For Soverignty, CANADA, 18min. / Remaking The Pathway, AUSTRALIA, 31min.
02:30 PM
Program 11
A Century Of War, USA, 87min.
04:00 PM
Program 12
A Glimmer Of Hope, USA, 12min. / In The Middle, YEMEN , 14min. / Recovering Motherland, USA, 18min. / Prime Time: A Rapper Battles the Machine, USA, 22min. / Whispers In The Dark, USA, CHINA, 25min. / Reaching For Solid Ground, USA, 27min.
04:00 PM
Program 61
Children of the Exodus, MEXICO, 83min.
05:00 PM
Program 14
El Perro De Piedra, USA, 6min. / Echo, IRAN, 7min. / Sanctuary, USA, 11min. / Baby Hers, USA, 15min. / Breaking The Chain, USA, 62min.
06:30 PM
Program 15
Personhood, USA, 76min. (Film Fund Winner)
06:30 PM
Program 62
Planet Of The Humans, USA, 93min. (Palm Desert, RED CARPET Event)
07:00 PM
Program 16
Secret Screening!
07:30 PM
Program 17
Lulu Dotaway, DENMARK, 7min. / My Father The Mover, RSA, 14min. / Ballet After Dark, USA, 19min. / Exit 12, USA, 24min. / Salsa.Open.Moscow, RUSSIA, 28min.
09:00 PM
Program 18
Genesis Project, SPAIN, 2min. / Are You Recording, USA, 3min. / Broken Words, USA, 9min. / The Tunnel Theory, USA, 10min. / An Earful, USA, 14min.
Sun, Sep 27, 2020
11:00 AM
Program 19
Passage, USA, 5min. / My Mother's Table, USA, 9min. / Song Sparrow, DENMARK,12min. / Bienvenus, SPAIN, 17min. / Dafa Metti (Difficult), USA, 18min. / El Desierto, USA, 19min.
11:00 AM
Program 63
The Case, RUSSIA, 105min.
11:30 AM
Program 20
Hunger In The Desert, USA, 6min. / The New Homesmiths: I Live In A Tiny Home, USA, 8min. / Finding Home In Boomtown, USA, 80min.
12:00 PM
Program 21
The Composer, USA, 7min. / Christian's Second Shot, USA, 8min. / Minor Accident Of War, USA, 10min. / The Girl With The Rivet Gun, USA, 15min. / Liberation Heroes, USA, 42min.
01:30 PM
Program 64
The Songpoet, USA, 113min.
01:30 PM
Program 9
Herrings Of The Heart, AUSTRALIA, 13min. / European Tour, CANADA,15min. / Almost 40, USA, 17min. / Eki.librio, SPAIN, 24min. / Fram, FINLAND, 28min.
02:00 PM
Program 23
Division Series, KOREA, 6min. / Moon Above The Raging Sea, AUSTRALIA, 6min. / The Music Box, CHINA, 12min. / Teenager For Governor (Of The Gr8 State Of Kansas), USA, 26min. / Harmony: Latvian Democracy at Russia's Doorstep, USA, 26min.
02:30 PM
Program 24
When The Light Comes, UK, 5min. / Keep Me In The Game, CANADA, 6min. / Tiffany, USA, 6min. / Flower And The Girl, UK, 9min. / Parkinson's Third Wind, USA, 13min. / Granny of the Year, MEXICO, 15 min. / Sixth Of June, USA, 15min. /Shelter Me, USA, 29m
04:00 PM
Program 25
That Click, ITALY, 90min.
04:00 PM
Program 65
Lowland Kids, DENMARK, 22min. / Indigenous: Fight For Survival, 52min.
04:30 PM
Program 26
The Gender Line, USA, 13min. / We Began To Sing, CANADA, 23min. / Once In A Hundred Years: The Life And Legacy Of Marian Anderson, USA, 40min.
05:00 PM
Program 27
All I Have To Offer You Is Me, USA, 13min. / Ashes to Ashes, USA, 25min. / The Offline Playlist, USA, 49min.
06:30 PM
Program 28
The Shallow Pond, USA, 3min. / A Colourful Red, USA, 12min. / "Hello," We Lied, USA, 12min. / Sustained Outrage, PERU, 24min. / Resistance Radio, USA, 29min.
06:30 PM
Program 66
Talking About Adultery, CZECH REPUBLIC, 72min.
07:00 PM
Program 29
Kaye Ballard: The Show Goes On, USA, 89min.
07:30 PM
Program 30
ADULTS ONLY: The Animator / Don't Croak / War For Keyboard Warriors / French Fly / The Sex Recession / The Magician / Cielo E Infierno / Blieschow / Mind My Mind / Roses In The Night (sexual situations).
09:00 PM
Program 31
ADULTS ONLY: Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life, ISRAEL, 106min.
Mon, Sep 28, 2020
11:00 AM
Program 32
Selfish / Susana / Trophy Hunter / Iceberg Nations / The Fabric Of The World / A Joshua Tree Love Story / This Land / Whale People: Protector Of The Sea / No Comment
11:00 AM
Program 67
Viewfinder, USA, 4min. / Where Is Nancy, USA, 82min.
11:30 AM
Program 33
The Shallow Pond / Hate For Sale / Pandemia / Trudie's Goose / Homegrown / Whispers of the Lake / 605 Adults, 304 Children / Child Of Lebensborn / New Men
12:00 PM
Program 34
I Am, UK, 25min. / A Song Of An Unknown Actress, USA, 80min.
01:30 PM
Program 35
Mr. Y Not, USA, 8min. / Camp Alec, USA, 18min. / How Far Is Home, USA, 22min.
01:30 PM
Program 68
Paradise Without People, USA, 80min.
02:00 PM
Program 36
A Certain Kind Of Love / The Phantasmagoria Of Offense: The Male Version / This Is My Heaven / Ryan Marker / That Was Ray / Stonewall: The Making Of A Monument / Ladylike
02:30 PM
Program 37
Man In The Field, GERMANY, 90min.
04:00 PM
Program 38
Riding A Dream, UK, 24min. / Desert Flight, USA, 40min.
04:00 PM
Program 69
Rosebud, Alberta, CANADA, 19min. / Siqueiros: Walls Of Passion, USA, 60min.
04:30 PM
Program 39
Loud Mouth Queer, USA, 98min. (Film Fund Winner)
05:00 PM
Program 40
Sister, CHINA, 9min. / Nurse Helen Fairchild, USA, 11min. / Sister Of St. Mary's, USA, 15min. / Carrying Tomorrow, USA, 22min. / IRSE, VENEZUELA, USA, 27min.
06:30 PM
Program 41
Holy Fire, USA, 28min. / My Friend, The Mayor, NETHERLANDS, 60min.
06:30 PM
Program 70
The Forgotten War, USA, 53min. / America's Finest Ambassadors, USA, 60min.
07:00 PM
Program 42
Afterlife, USA, 12min. / The Price Of Protest: The Colin Kaepernick Story, GERMANY, 52min.
07:30 PM
Program 43
Pacifico, AUSTRALIA, GERMANY, 72min.
Tue, Sep 29, 2020
11:00 AM
Program 45
When Planets Mate, USA, 12min. / Misguided, SOUTH KOREA, 3min. / Exposed, TAIWAN, 3min. / The One-Minute Memoir, USA, 17min. / Master Moley By Royal Invitation, UK, 30min. / Terra Nostra, USA, 32min.
11:00 AM
Program 71
Bigger Than Life, GERMANY, N. MACEDONIA, 30min. / Centar, SERBIA, GERMANY, 49min.
11:30 AM
Program 46
Until, USA, 6min. / Parkland Rising, USA, 93min.
12:00 PM
Program 47
Pioneers, USA, 3min. / Seasons Of Change On Henry's Farm, 83min.
01:30 PM
Program 48
How Countries Fight Their Wars / Wither / Shinya Kimura / The Night I Met Charles Bukowski / Odd Dog / Diego On My Mind / Dreams Into Drawing / Charon / Berkowitz / David Henry Nobody, Jr.
01:30 PM
Program 72
A Call From Yesterday, KOSOVO, 17min. / Wongar, SERBIA, 65min.
02:00 PM
Program 49
Waters Of March / The Story Of Pema / The Reef / Vanishing River / This Is Our Time / A Simple Life / Behind The Paradise
02:30 PM
Program 50
Shattered, SOUTH KOREA, 3min. / Mommy's Nightmare, USA, 11min. / Spirit Of The Drowning Girls, CHINA, 11min. / The Seed of Juna, SPAIN, 13min. / Ama, UK, 15min. / Clean With Me, FRANCE, 21min.
04:00 PM
Program 51
Playing For Keeps, USA, 61min.
04:00 PM
Program 73
In Between, KOSOVO, 14min. / On The Water, CROATIA, 79min.
04:30 PM
Program 52
ROARrrr: The Beast King's Great Discovery / Dream Catcher / Asteroid Season / Surfer Joe / Nini / Preheated / The Bird & The Whale / The Qunitet Of The Sunset / Don't Feed These Animals / Guaxuma
05:00 PM
Program 53
White Male Shooter, USA, 6min. / Bright Lights, AUSTRALIA, 14min. / Money Machine, USA, 56min.
06:30 PM
Program 74
The Jump, BRAZIL, CANADA, USA, MEXICO, 84 min.
07:00 PM
Program 54
Closing Night: AWARDS CEREMONY: Vote Neil, USA, 19min. / Winter's Blight, NZ, 14min. / Valerie, USA, 36min.
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When and Where
Camelot Theatres
2300 East Baristo Road
Palm Springs, CA 92262

Sep 25, 2020 to Sep 29, 2020
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